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Craffenheim Rottweilers Is Proudly South African

Craffenheim Rottweilers is owned & managed by myself, Retha Crafford. I have been breeding Rottweilers since 2000. I was always involved with serious Equestrian sport and breeding or “Boerperde”, but had to make a decision on what my true love and focus would be – Rottweilers won. Breeding with these incredible dogs is my passion, and I ‘live’ this passion daily. Working with, living with and breeding with this magnificent breed is as much a part of my life as what breathing is. The breed is extremely committed to its owners and family; and if well bred, correctly raised, well socialized and loved in abundance:  it will become your guardian and best friend. Rottweilers will protect their family for life. Rottweilers are working dogs (they want a job to do, and working can include anything from herding, carting, obedience training, IPO, simple tracking, dock diving, agility, service work and more – it is not simply about titling a Rottweiler in IPO, but about allowing the dog to have a job of some sort) Your loyal Rottweiler will enjoy (and demand) daily mental stimulation and physical exercise – a Rottweiler that isn’t bored or frustrated will be a pleasure to have in the home. I am also open to admitting that the Rottweiler is not for everyone, nor for every family – and that thorough research by potential owners should always be done before even thinking of acquiring a Rottweiler. A Rottweiler is not (or should not be) a Labrador in temperament and any potential owner needs to keep this in mind.

In my years of breeding with these special dogs, I have enjoyed watching the Rottweilers ‘clown’ side on display. Many people are not aware that the Rottweiler has a little ‘clown genetic’ in them; and watching these powerful dogs lying on their backs with a squeaky toy in their front paws as they hold the toy right under their noses is enough to make anyone smile in pleasure.

My family is most supportive of my passion for breeding quality Rottweilers, and they have been instrumental in the success of my breeding program. My husband and children are behind me in all that I do, and over the years they have proven to be as committed and passionate as what I am when it comes to Rottweilers. My husband has been the pillar of strength who rides the roller coaster of breeding (happiness, joy, heartbreak, tears) with me.
We have incredible staff at our facility, and each and every one of them is committed and dedicated to “their dogs”.  From whelping experts to conditioning geniuses to those who run the dogs – each one is a part of the Craffenheim Family and we would not be able to do what we do without these special people.

Here at Craffenheim we have a philosophy and that is to “always strive to breed a very balanced Rottweiler that is healthy, of good character/temperament and is able to live and thrive as a working dog that can show, or as a companion dog. I am committed to preserving the true and total Rottweiler, and always try my very best using every available piece of information and research to produce progeny that preserve the breed. In this sense and with very specific goals in mind, we have brought in the finest ADRK lines via exceptional breed ambassadors in order to protect, preserve and improve on the breed not only in South Africa – but Africa as a whole. As a breeder I would like a to leave a lasting legacy and footprint; one that has nothing to do with winning in a show ring; but EVERYTHING to do with ensuring temperament, health, genetics and conformation are left benefited from our breeding in SA. We believe that in order to move forward, we first have to move back – to a time when Real Rottweilers walked the earth.
In my years of breeding I have bred several show winners, champions, working dogs and many loyal and loving pets. It is my commitment to the bettering of the breed that drives me to keep researching and investing heavily in ADRK blood lines/genetics in order to continue my proud tradition of “Total Rottweiler pups”.

All of our dogs are kept in big paddocks not in kennels and we focus on keeping our dogs in a natural environment with a lot of space to play and exercise. We also focus on keeping feeding and all other physical needs as organic and free from chemicals as we possibly can. We attempt to be as ECO friendly as we can be, and this benefits our dogs first and foremost. Our dogs are also treated as pets and can often be found sitting on someone’s lap totally unaware as to just how heavy they are. Each dog receives individual training, exercise and ‘love time’ with the members of the family and our incredible staff, so that their emotional and mental needs are also met. Playtime at ‘Craffenheim Rottweilers is often a very entertaining and rambunctious exercise. (We lie, it is chaos, but in the happiest and best possible manner)

Our puppies are raised in a loving family environment and are not kept in kennels but in big paddocks. Our puppies undergo extensive socialization and environmental learning while they are with us. They are never removed from their mothers (only when mom has her play breaks) as the mother has so much to teach them up until the day they leave us. Each pup receives individual attention, stimulation and exposure to a variety of tried and tested environmental situations. Our puppies are encouraged to explore, dig, roll and use all of their senses in order to discover their world. We have puppy activity centers on the farm that serve as ideal playgrounds for learning. Puppies are supervised 24/7. It is here that I thank my wonderful children for all they have done in assisting me with the ‘puppy work’ over the years. Our pups are provided with the very best start in life and we expect new owners to continue with the groundwork we have put in. It truly does bring me much pleasure on a personal level when I see a pup being lovingly carried off to his or her new home when 8 weeks old. This is still the toughest part for me as a breeder, saying goodbye to the pups I have bred – but knowing that they are going to homes where they will be members of the family, makes it a little easier. I always appreciate and love the photos, videos and message updates owners send me all the time, as yes, you are all part of our family and always will be. Owning a Craffenheim pup makes us family.

Our dogs enjoy a variety of breed suitable exercise on the farm, and their exercise varies from having fun swimming in the dam (which is a favorite pastime), to long walks on the farm and lots of retrieving and ball games (This is without a doubt the exercise all of our dogs enjoy the most – young and old) A combination of fun, exercise, quality food, lots of positive mental stimulation and buckets full of love make for a happy kennel. Our more serious males enjoy bite work, tracking, advanced obedience and herding.

We breed our Rottweilers with much dedication, passion and love. We do this because this magnificent breed deserves it.
Rottweilers are our life here at Craffenheim and once you own one – they will become your ‘life’ as well.

If you are interested in a loving puppy, please feel free to contact us :

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“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion”

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