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Generally a very robust breed over the centuries, along with many other breeds, there has been in increase in disease, genetic illness, congenital birth defects and more. Recent health reports put the Rottweiler as one of the most expensive breeds in the world to own in terms of possible medical care.

We are obsessed and committed to trying our very best to breed healthy dogs, with longevity in their genes and general exceptional health in all of their ancestors behind them (Prove lines, in terms of genetics and testing as well as functionality and longevity). However, we can only do our very best, and it is a sad fact of breeding and our beloved breed that things can and sometimes do go “wrong”.

It is important to us, that Rottweiler owners are aware of some of the medical issues our breed can encounter as well as general information that is extremely valuable to any pet owner (regardless of breed). We encourage owners to do as much research as possible for themselves, and to not only take veterinary surgeons opinions as always being fact. Whilst a vet should ALWAYS be your first visit for any diagnostics and tests the MINUTE you notice something wrong – we have learned through own experience that by “knowing more/reading more/researching more” you are in fact doing your beloved pet a huge favor.

We are firm believers in immediate veterinary care for ANY condition, illness, injury and the sort, and in fact we stipulate this as part of our Puppy Contract. Ill/injured puppies or dogs need to be seen by a veterinary surgeon without haste.
To assist readers in gaining valuable information in the various (sometimes confusing) world of pet illness/conditions/injuries and more – we have provided the link to the Merck Veterinary Manual online. The most sold and used animal health manual in the world.

This is not meant to replace ANY professional advice, but simply to provide owners with valuable information that puts them in a better position to protect and fight for their beloved animals.

Our ‘Raising you Craffenheim Puppy” guide – which is on this website and can be seen HERE (link) also lists names of Pet insurance available in South Africa, which is one way of ensuring your beloved Rottweiler can always get the medical treatment he/she deserves: when needed.

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