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We are all products of our environment. The nature VS nurture debate has raged for so many years, with about as much controversy as what there is passion from both sides of the ‘argument’.

And this is just with regard to humans. Are they a product of their genes or the environment?

The same debate has raged for years in the world of pedigreed dogs as well. At Craffenheim we have a firm and solid belief, (which has been reinforced throughout our 14 years of breeding and improving on this breed), that: “A dog’s genetics will dictate a fair amount – BUT it is his environment that ultimately decides WHAT type of dog he is going to develop into; as an individual”

Breed standards regarding temperament are in place, YET each Rottweiler remains an ‘individual’.

The more we at Craffenheim focus on a positive and biologically appropriate environment for our dogs; the larger the evidence suggests that: “a dog who is allowed to become ONE with his environment and nature AND who is encouraged to ‘enjoy and partake’ in activities that his ancestors would have partaken in: the more happy and balanced the dog. THIS is in terms of both physical conditioning and temperament.”

We believe firmly and with increasing vigour that a balanced dog is one who is allowed to exist and live the natural state his physiology intended. This is a 2 pronged belief, based on NUTRITION and BEING ALLOWED TO EXPRESS HIMSELF WITHIN A NATURAL ENVIRONMENT.


I shared my rather strong opinions re: nutrition 2 weeks ago, and feel it needs to be looked at again. Raw feeding has brought about the most incredible change in my dogs that follow the whole prey diet. However; there are a few of my dogs who quite simply REFUSE to eat raw, regardless of how I package the ‘food parcel’, regardless of how I bribe and beg…………….

The dogs who quite simply REFUSE to even contemplate “whole prey raw”, (one of who is the incredible Devil Earl Antonius), NEED the benefits of a whole prey diet in order to function optimally. The scientific studies have been conducted; the evidence is in; the ‘too much protein’ myth has been debunked and tossed away and canine nutrition is finally moving in a direction which benefits the dog.

Grain is bad, protein is GOOD. And contrary to earlier beliefs, it is not the protein ratio that affects the growth of large and giant breed dogs, but rather the calcium/phosphorous ratio. As a breeder of Rottweilers; puppy feeding, slow growth and skeletal soundness are priorities. I focus on ensuring that my litters, puppies and young dogs are strictly monitored in terms of this. They too can benefit from

So, how do I ensure my ‘raw feeding’ hunger strikers STILL get the benefits of ‘raw’ whilst eating something that they enjoy and is of such a high quality that I would even consider feeding it to my show dogs, brood bitches, studs?

The answer was actually quite simple: Orijen Biologically Appropriate Dog Food (Or Acana): as both are made by the world renowned pet food company from Alberta Canada, Champion Pet Foods). This food is quite simply THE CLOSEST to a whole prey diet one can get – in a bag 
After extensive research and personal discussion with those who use the food, I decided to try it and see if my ‘fussy raw chicken stomach protesters’ might find the Orijen decent enough to try.

RESULT: The pellets were sucked in via noses and mouths, with many ‘Oliver Twist – please mom, may we have some more’ looks. (A blessing indeed.) Raw benefits without the RAW.

Not all dogs will eat RAW – as I have seen for myself. The solution: Biologically appropriate whole prey Orijen or Acana. The health benefits are exactly the same.

What I have also found is that my RAW feeders absolutely DEVOUR the Orijen when I do feed it to them; for example when travelling, it is often impossible to feed raw – so I use Orijen in these instances.


Craffenheim Rottweilers are raised and loved on a working farm. Surrounded by the open fields, mountains, natural rivers and dams on our property, our dogs are encouraged to explore their environment and ‘live’ in it as nature intended. They truly do become one with their rugged surroundings as they swim in the icy winter waters, forage in the long grass of the open fields, dig for roots and clamber up rocks to lie in the summer sun.

Year round, regardless of weather, our dogs get to enjoy and experience what it means to be free amongst the glorious natural settings their ancestors once roamed.
Another benefit to our philosophy is the mental stimulation our dogs receive as a result of their ‘natural freedom’ and sensory stimulation when ‘out and about’ on the farm. Walks to the mountain do not only inspire a physical awakening in the dogs, but a sensory one as well. On return from one of these nature walks, our dogs return to their 5 star open paddocks and shelter for some rest and relaxation.

Whilst our beloved Rottweilers are first and foremost our pets; we encourage them to ‘live’ out their ‘true canine’ personalities. Once these inherent needs have been met (via our dog’s active interplay with their environment) we find the evidence of the dog’s satisfaction in every aspect of life at Craffenheim Rottweilers.

We allow and encourage our Rottweilers to be ROTTWEILERS……………………..

At Craffenheim Rottweilers, we will always keep our dogs as close to their natural intended ‘state’ as what we can. The benefits of doing this are monumental – for both dog and human handler.

One look at out our dogs and we think you will agree – Life is good when you go back to basics…….which in our case, is back to nature.




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