Rottweiler Breed-Craffenheim Rottweilers Made Of South Africa


Craffenheim Rottweilers is situated in the historical Battlefields district of Northern Kwazulu Natal. The scenes of many battles during the Anglo-Boer war played out where we and our Rottweilers now live in peace in harmony. The whispers of those who came before us are all present on our lands, testament to the legacy of the dogs and peoples who came before.

Within our area we are blessed to experience what Johnny Clegg and Juluka sing in ‘December African Rain’, dry winters and rainy summers to break the heat of the day. Close to the borders of both the Free State and Mpumalanga, we are about 4 hours from Johannesburg and roughly the same distance to Durban in the South. Cape Town is on the Southern Tip of the continent Africa and South African making it the furthest place in SA for us from Newcastle.

The land here is primarily agricultural and grazing whilst there are also active mines in the area and the only steel works in South Africa. Kwazulu Natal was also home to the mighty warrior, Shaka Zulu and his conquering armies. To this day the Kingdom of the Zulu has its seat in KZN. A visit to Craffenheiim Rottweilers is not only a ‘Rottweiler experience’, but one which would appeal to all interested in South African/Colonial history. Our farm is open to anyone who loves the breed, and we are always happy to receive Rottweiler friends and family from around the world. We invite our friends to visit South Africa for a taste of everything from wildlife, sun, sea, adventure, history, wines, the Cradle of Humankind, Cango caves, cultures and Rottweilers. (Because while many of our special males and females were Made in Germany, they are made OF South Africa)

‘I am a South African not because I was born in South Africa, but because South Africa was born in me’