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Rottweiler Breed-Craffenheim Rottweilers FAQ'S & Information

Welcome to the home of Craffenheim Rottweilers, South Africa. “Health, Temperament, Function following form – preserving the complete Rottweiler”


*Please read through the information below as it covers many important issues from Tail docking, breeding restrictions, scams, our Stud males, our wish to meet owners personally, our open door policy, DNA testing and more.*

We breed FOR the Rottweiler and not for whatever trend or fashion is the current craze. When we say we ‘breed’ FOR the Rottweiler, we mean it. We focus on breeding balanced, correct and healthy dogs with an overall focus on preserving the breed for generations to come.

Health: we do not sacrifice health for fashion, and will not. Our breed planning is focused on optimal health and best genetic platform for our puppies. This includes fine attention to preserving diversity and not shrinking the gene pool, while still breeding responsibly.

Temperament: We focus on preserving the inherent and innate (centuries old) temperament as directed by the ADRK.

Functional Correctness: Conformation as close to breed standard as possible, without ever sacrificing function or form (movement) for beauty and fashion.(Muzzle ratios correct for work and normal breathing, angulation correct for activity etc) (If you ask where the “BEAUTY” is – it is self-evident. If function follows form, beauty follows function) Beauty is what beauty does or is able to do.

Many of our dogs do excel in the show ring, but it is not our primary focus when breeding. Show ring success is just one part of the MANY parts – all equally important – that make up the ‘total’ Rottweiler. And the show ring more than any other facet, is what is in desperate need of healthier dogs.

ALL of our breeding dogs are health tested, registered and live with us. *Please note that health tests are as per KUSA, and occasional extra – but please read our section on genetics for a full information sheet on the Rottweiler and the genetics involved in breeding (dominant genes/recessive genes and genetic testing).*

Contracts are first and foremost designed to protect the dog, the new owner and our kennel. There should never be any negative connotation to something that is designed to afford protection to all. Our contracts are in place to form an ethical relationship foundation and to ensure the welfare of all Craffenheim bred Rottweilers.

In certain combinations of puppies, there will be breeding restrictions (not unrealistic), this because I am ethically responsible for some of the incredibly valuable pedigrees and lines I breed with. All Rottweilers ARE special, but just because a dog ‘can’ breed, does not mean it ‘has’ to breed. Breed restrictions are not a punishment, but a means of preserving the breed’s integrity and the genetics of our dogs. This is an area in which we have recently stepped up our ‘game’; due to the growing numbers of homeless Rottweilers in South Africa, and the breeding of litters simply for monetary gain. Anyone who professes to love the breed will understand why we all need to protect and preserve the integrity of the Rottweiler in SA as well as ensure the welfare of the dogs we breed.

There is also a decreasing gene pool within our breed, and we are trying extremely hard to preserve as many lines as possible for the future – whilst taking all potential risks into account; so if we sound “unfair” perhaps the notion of saving a breed from extinction will make certain restrictions easier to understand and accept. We know that all true lovers of the breed will feel the same as we do.

We add to this: we will always support, encourage and guide those who wish to breed as hobby breeders in a responsible and ethical manner for the benefit and longevity of the Rottweiler. This will include any advice on combinations, health, genetics and diversity in breeding.

We must mention here that due to an increase in fraudulent and unscrupulous persons actually stealing/copying our dogs Health Certificates off our old website and passing them off as their own; we have had to remove all official documentation that can be ‘stolen/copied/screen shot etc, from the website.

We cannot risk scanning and publishing any of our dog’s health certificates, awards, working titles, pink papered ADRK pedigrees, Koerung pages, show critiques nor any other official document that can be used by unscrupulous peoples to defraud the public and abuse the legacy of our dogs and the integrity of our kennel and breeding.

Owners and potential owners will have access to all of the originals, as they are presented on collection of the puppy and certified copies are provided.

All HD and ED scores are on the dog’s profiles, but the original certificates will be presented at personal meeting and all new Craffenheim owners DO receive certified copies of their parent’s Health certs, working titles, pedigrees and more in the Puppy information package handed over. We regret that we have had to take these measures as we have always posted our dog’s official paperwork on our website. Sadly, with the increase in fraudulent breeding and scammers doing the rounds we have to protect the integrity of our dogs as well as the public. ALL of these official documents, health certificates and more are safely in our care and each puppy owner receives full access to copies thereof.


We encourage personal collection with visits to our kennel before final collection (and then personal collection at 8 weeks plus, as it is during this valuable time you get to meet the sire and dam as well as the other Craffenheim dogs. You get to ask any questions about anything you may desire – and much advice is given that is in addition to the “Raising your Craffenheim Puppy” booklet (SEE THIS HERE) which you receive in the puppy pack. It is important for us to develop relationships with our owners and these personal visits cement this relationship. For new owners who cannot travel and who we would have spent some time with communicating via other means, we uphold the strictest and safest transport measures in getting your pup to you safely.

Craffenheim Rottweilers (puppies) are NOT AVAILABLE through other breeders; through agents,’ international ‘sales agents’ and more. Our puppies are ONLY available via direct contact with US personally. If another person is selling you a “Craffenheim Puppy” or is stating that the sire of “their litter” is one of our males, PLEASE contact us personally to report this. Our sires do NOT stud outside the kennel except on rare occasions and only for ethical breeders who we consider friends. Please check with us, as there are simply too many scam artists operating.

It is also important to note that Craffenheim Rottweilers does not advertise on Gumtree, OLX, in magazines, newspapers etc. We do not market or advertise our puppies; so if anyone on any advertising platform is offering you a Craffenheim puppy – please contact us.

Our prime stud male, Yaris vom Schwaiger Rathaus (eza gkrt) has sired litters for the best kennels in Germany (ADRK) including:

• Vom Schwaiger Rathaus – Yaris and Cobra ‘F’ litter
• Vom Schwaiger Wappen – x2 – Yaris and Unique ‘Z’ and ‘B’ litters
• Vom Shambala – Yaris and Jaci ‘Q’ litter
• Vom Hause Neubrand (Kor-und Leiztungzicht breeding) ‘E’ litter Yaris and Indiana
• Vom Mitterrheintal (Kor-und Leiztungzicht breeding) ‘B’ litter Yaris and Cleo
• Vom Rangau – ‘G’ litter Yaris and Romina
• Vom Kriegsdamm – x2 ‘I’ and ‘K’ litters: Yaris and Diva/Yaris and Gracy
• Von der Reuthwiese – x2 ‘R’ and ‘T’ litters – Yaris and Vanja

As seen by the above, and with our strict sire policy in place; anyone who is offering you a puppy allegedly sired by Yaris, is dishonest. *{Please be aware of this; as it is heartbreaking for us when we hear of innocent people being scammed, and innocent puppies being used as tools in this scam)

Yaris’s progeny remain in some of Germany’s finest kennels as the next generation of breeding dogs.
• Vom Schwaiger Wappen – Zabou
• Vom Kriegsdamm – Ivette
• Vom Hause Rosenberger – Fee
• Vom Schloss Orth – Fea
• Vom Shambala – Queen
• Von der Reuthwiese – Trudy
• Vom Knoblauchsland – Resi
• Vom Rangau – Grit

To have so many progeny present in top ADRK kennels highlights Yaris’s value as a producer and ALSO strengthens the need for the protection of his bloodline (which we are doing like policemen)

1. MALES AS OUTSIDE STUDS: (Our males are “closed”) Only in exceptional circumstances and after numerous requirements, contract agreements, and breeding restrictions are agreed on (with certain males and lines) will our males be available as outside studs. Also Subject to detailed pedigree planning, combination viability, health compatibility and more. We do not technically offer any stud service at all, but will consider a combination that benefits the breed and promotes genetic diversity while remaining true to standard.

The reason our males are protected in this manner is to ensure that they are not simply reproducing for the sake of reproducing, but are contributing something positive to the breed in each and every combination. Our male’s lines also need to be protected and respected, and that is something we are incredibly focused on.

Another reason we do not stud out our males to any persons/kennel automatically, is that we are obsessed with the health of all of our breeding dogs – our beautiful females most specifically. Here on the farm all of our dogs are protected from many of the ‘outside health dangers’ that affect dogs in other areas. Our environment and dogs are free of brucella for example (males tested regularly) and our females are always free of herpes and various other ‘goggas’ that can affect the heath and fertility of our dogs. Many of these viruses can be transmitted to stud males from females who are not in our kennel. As I am never sure what practices other people/kennels may follow in terms of keeping their own breeding stock optimal in health and free from parasites in their environment (cleanliness and prevention) etc, we will only allow females from people we trust to enter and stay on our property for mating.

This is also another benefit of having our own stud males; we KNOW their health statuses; we know they live in a parasite/virus free environment here at Craffenheim – which allows us to confidently use our own males on our special girls.

We can also add here, that ensuring the optimal health and happiness of our brood bitches is KEY, and another reason we do not drag our dogs all over the country to enter ‘shows’. There are health risks involved with showing and we state this openly.- our brood bitches specifically. The health of our dogs always comes first, always.

Our stud males are NOT here to bring in profits from outside stud fees, nor are they here to simply be used (just because they are here) – they are our companion dogs first and foremost, and when they do sire for Craffenheim, it is because we have done our homework in the breed planning itself. If there is nothing to be achieved or gained from a litter – we do not breed.
Our females are bred only every 2nd heat cycle, – depending on their health, happiness and IF there is something positive to be gained by breeding a specific litter. We do not breed simply because we have females and males. And we only ever breed a female in consecutive heat cycles if a veterinary reproductive specialist instructs that we do this in the interest of our girls’ health.

If a female is bred 2 consecutive heat cycles, which is 000.1 percent of the time – there will be a permissible reason for this, for example and exceptionally small litter (1-2 pups) her previous whelp. This is an acceptable reason under ADRK breeding as well, and is allowed to ensure that the female remains healthy emotionally and physically. The girls (the moms) are the heart of any kennel and any decisions made with regard to breeding have their best interests at heart.

Our girls are protected in every way possible from any threat towards their health, mental happiness and their pups health and happiness. They are NOT a production line, nor are they simply ‘dogs’ – they are the lifeblood of our kennel and it all revolves around them.

We do not advertise litters on our website any longer as a matter of safety, but will answer any queries personally. Certain litters will be published on FB when announcing. This is for the protection of all parties and most specifically the integrity of this kennel and our special dogs. We will and do answer all litter enquiries sent via the “enquiry form” or via any contact interested parties might make. We do apologize for this, but unfortunately too many decent people are being scammed, and too many innocent dogs are being bred by criminals simply for scamming – we will not contribute to this suffering by giving these people ‘ammunition’ to continue.

We also try to insist that new owners collect their puppies from us personally, so that owners can meet both the sire and dam of their new family member. We like our owners to see the farm and the puppies in their environment (with their siblings) and mama, and we also like to spend one on one time with owners discussing the breed and personally answering any questions. In some cases this is not possible due to extreme distance, but do in these cases we have much contact with owners throughout the process, the flying of the pup and the information booklets in the puppy packs do answer 90 percent of questions. For owners who can’t visit the farm personally, we go out of our way to ensure they miss out on nothing. (And remember we welcome Craffenheim owners back to the farm at any time for a visit, meet and greet or a cup of tea with the dogs).

Be assured; we do not put people off visiting our kennels as we are proud of the lives our dogs lead as well as the love and passion that is evident in our kennel. Our farm is an ‘open book’ and we love sharing it with our family and Rottweiler friends. In fact, we welcome and encourage visits (even if you have no intention of ever owning a Rottweiler – you are always welcome).
No. Not ever. Our contracts are also very clear about tail docking and what the repercussions will be should someone attempt to dock the tail of a Craffenheim Rottweiler post ownership transfer. Docking is an outdated mutilation which has no place in the breed today. Banned outright in many countries, and in South Africa it is technically a criminal offense; subject to prosecution and conviction. People who dock tails (as it is already forbidden for veterinary surgeons to dock, which means ‘laymen’ are doing it) can be charged with Cruelty and brought to prosecution. Currently the only thing making it immediately and automatically criminal is the proving of the animal’s pain, which with new studies and expert opinion, CAN successfully be done. The Veterinary Council and SPCA are now able to prove the full elements of the crime as listed in the Animal Protection act (Statutory Law).

The tail is an essential part of the dog’s anatomy and tool of expression. It is also an essential part of the movement of the dog. Hail the tail – always.

Please click here for FULL reading from the SPCA, and SAVC opinion. PLEASE read all of the links provided on the SPCA’s page.


This should convince anyone thinking in terms of docked tails, to rethink their stance. (Mutilating a tail for ‘beauty or personal preference’ is simply not a good enough reason to put puppies through this agony)
There have been instances where unethical people have outright lied about litter sires, dams and more. Some of our top are DNA tested to ensure that NO unethical persons may claim our sires and dams as “theirs” and we will prosecute any person found to be falsely claiming genetic value from our kennel. We really do encourage potential owners, to do their research carefully. We also openly denounce any so called “registered breeding” done under the umbrella of ANY OTHER breed registry apart from KUSA. KUSA is the ONLY registry that is a member of the FCI and internationally recognized. PLEASE make sure you are aware of the difference.

(We have added in a torn paper image in order to protect the integrity of the original).KUSA registered litters are the ONLY litters with any legitimacy (apart from the GSD and Boerboels associations, who are legitimate and endorsed registries on their own).

To visit the KUSA WEBSITE – enter here. www.kusa.co.za

Enjoy your visit to our site, and we truly hope you gain much valuable information here, which will assist you with everything from medical issues to medical insurance for dogs, nutrition, the history of the ADRK, historical photos, detailed profiles of our dogs with video, breeding policies and more.

*Just a reminder that we do not advertise upcoming litters openly on this website due to fraudulent persons abusing the information for financial gain and defrauding innocent members of the public.* Our interest is also very much with the innocent puppies who are used in these scams and we at Craffenheim WILL NOT assist these criminals by making it easy for them. Certain litters will be announced after mating as an open record.

PLEASE CONTACT US PERSONALLY for information on upcoming litters and breed planning forward.