Rottweiler Breed-Craffenheim Rottweilers Family In Far Away Places


Owning (or being owned BY) a Rottweiler, gives a person exclusive membership into a global family of passionate Rottweiler lovers. This is one of the true joys of being involved with this magnificent breed; they give us family and friends around the world. These are all people who share in the same breeding ideals, breeding goals and are 100% passion and 0% ego driven. There is no extreme focus on beauty alone, but on a balanced and functional Rottweiler who is HEALTHY of body AND mind.

All have only one passion; and that is protecting the true Rottweiler in conformation, and in temperament, as well as keeping the breed as healthy as possible. Craffenheim is very privileged to count many of the finest breed ambassadors in the world, as friends (a world family) Germany, Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France, Brazil, Argentina, Slovenia, Russia, Romania, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Ecuador and so we can go on. Together we will all be able to do more to protect, preserve and maintain the Rottweiler’s integrity and protect its future.

Our family in faraway places also includes all of our dog’s family members around the world. Yaris vom Schwaiger Rathaus, Chris vom Schwaiger Rathaus and Fritz vom Pfeifholz have beautiful children in Germany, Italy and Holland (Norway soon) and all of our special dogs have full sisters and brothers (or half siblings) around the world that shine their lights brightly for the Rottweiler breed, and the pedigree they represent. We are extremely privileged to share in these lines, pedigrees and the history thereof.

We are incredibly proud of our “extended dog family” and they will always receive love and support from their “family” in South Africa.
You are not investing in a Rottweiler, but in a family that is global and tied by the pedigrees that bind us and our dogs together.