Seline Vom Dunvanhof

Seline Vom Dunvanhof

About : Seline Vom Dunvanhof

Our beautiful girl Seline, was imported from the Netherlands, from our dear friends at von Dunvanhof Kennels, Harald and Inneke. Their beautiful female, Hera (who is our Uta’s half sister) and her litter with the exceptional Orlando vom Hause Neubrand II, was exactly the type of pedigree we were looking for J And so little Seline arrived in South Africa, January 2017.

She was a busy, feisty and hyper confident little pup with the heart of a lion; and at 2 years old – nothing has changed. Seline is a bundle of energy and fire, with her dad’s glint the eye. We believe in the value of a dog’s character, which is something that cannot be bought, only bred. In Seline we have the powerful mother line of Harald’s original female and in her dad we have a combo of the sensational vom Hause Neubrand and vom Hause Anin lines. All of this equals a quality in conformation, temperament and health – exactly what the total Rottweiler should be.

Seline is an incredibly curious and nosy girl. Antelope, horses, birds, insects, frogs and anything that moves are in her line of “fire”. Her drive is truly something to behold and it is this we are most hoping she reproduces in her offspring. A powerful girl, with a very loving nature (WHEN she stops chasing animals and comes for cuddles), Seline is everything a female should be and more.

We will always be grateful to Harald and Inneke for trusting us with this special “lady” (Hooligan)