Nelly Vom Cassanova

Nelly Vom Cassanova

About : Nelly Vom Cassanova

We were blessed to obtain this incredibly special girl, who we co-own with Kobie and Gerdie van Zyl, from dear friend Rayaan Rinquest. Nelly is a female, who we dreamed of being able to breed with, as her pedigree is top in terms of ADRK legacy.

Nelly’s grandpa, Devil von der Mehrer Muhle, is one of our favourite males ever produced in Germany (and he recently passed away at a ripe old age). Devil is also father to our Evi vom Schwaiger Rathaus, and we were simply delighted to gain another Devil line via Nelly. (Princess Nelly has been nicknamed, the Runaway bride, as she hits the farm roads running whenever a male dog tries to enjoy a ball game with her.

Nelly’s very first litter in South Africa, is with our Yaris vom Schwaiger Rathaus, and this combination of the finest in ADRK breeding, lineage, legacy, temperament, conformation and character is the ultimate for any breeder. We feel truly blessed to be able to present this litter. There are THREE ADRK Klubsiegers/siegerins in this litter with Nelly’s mom April and Yaris’s mom Sofie and dad Utz.

We are also blessed with calm Nelly’s presence on the farm each and every day. Her wonderful calmness works magic on the other dogs (especially the younger ones). Her presence has a soothing effect on some of the younger hooligans. (And we are always happy with the babysitting she provides)

A true lady, Nelly loves order and organization (even her food is eaten daintily and slowly – unlike the rest of the hooligans). We are certain her first South African litter is going to be as special as what she is.