Maggy Muhlbach Von Kelemen

Maggy Muhlbach Von Kelemen

About : Maggy Muhlbach Von Kelemen

Mags (Maggy May or just plain ‘terror’) is one of our feistiest and most serious females. Maggy is not a fan of other females and if we are honest, she is not that fond of males either. Maggy likes her best friend Liefie, her humans and her puppies, that is about it J

She is incredibly protective over her friends and loved ones, and this makes her one of our finest mums. Her pups are always spotless, safe, well fed (actually overfed due to Maggy’s endless stream of milk) and neatly in a little pack. Maggy is also a very strict mum, and her pups learn from a young age what is acceptable and what is not. (It is incredibly entertaining watching Mags take her children through the house rules)

Maggy’s exceptional mom, Riana von Kelemen, passed away early in 2018 and Maggy has literally replaced her in every way. The enthusiasm for certain games, the exceptional parenting skills and the pickiness of who she befriends – all from her mom J Maggy also has Riana’s high drive and protective instinct, which is why Mags often clears walls and fences when hearing strange noises…(our on patrol girl)

Her dad, the legendary Elvis von der Muhlbachstrasse, is one of the most used studs in the last 10 years throughout the world. His super conformation and temperament, along with sizable bone has made him a wonderful choice for many litters. Maggy has her dad’s bone and apparently a few of his bad habits J

Mags is a special girl (even though she is a handful) and a joy to watch with her pups. Her wonderful instincts are passed on to her progeny, and no breeder can ask for more. Mags – mom of the year.