Hasko Vom Hause Anin

Hasko Vom Hause Anin

About : Hasko Vom Hause Anin

Our beautiful Hasko is everything one expects from the incredible Vom Hause Anin breeding program and ADRK kennel.

We have a saying at Craffenheim: you can tell a vom Hause Anin dog by his expression (which is why we are so committed to the lines) and our Hasko certainly brings that expression.

He also brings the legacy of every dog in his exceptional pedigree to the fore with his drive, conformation, movement and expression.

Hasko is an extremely focused and serious dog, with a delightfully playful side that emerges as soon as he is with people. While he is a pleasure to train, he is also a pleasure to cuddle and play with.

He is in fact, the perfect TOTAL Rottweiler, the Rottweiler envisioned by the ADRK breed standard.

Hasko is testament to solid and traditional German breeding, and we are absolutely delighted to have him in our breeding program (to compliment his relatives who are already safely ensconced in the Craffenheim bloodlines). We are thrilled and excited to share in this journey, and once again we thank ADRK Kennel vom Hause Anin for entrusting us with this exceptional male.