Freddy Vom Schwarzen Gold

Freddy Vom Schwarzen Gold

About : Freddy Vom Schwarzen Gold

Freddy was blessed to us by dear friend and ADRK breeder, the late Marion Kelka from Kennel vom Schwarzen Gold in Germany.

With the head and neck of his dad, the incredible Wasco vom Rauberweg, and the conformation and movement of his mum Basra – Freddy is a super male who typifies the breed and German type.

His temperament probably comes from Grandpa Henry VD Hassberg Hohen, as he is an intense male.

Freddy has incredible focus and drive, yet he remains calm when required. Stable temperament and expression being his finest traits. He has bone and substance, while maintaining the athleticism the breed standard requires.

He loves food, girls and toys – in no particular order (ok, probably girls at Number ONE) and he is one of our most romantic males. A popular male with the ladies, and a true gentleman.