Edelheim Ashia

Edelheim Ashia

About : Edelheim Ashia

Ashia (Ashi) is a gentle and beautiful soul, who lover her puppies more than life itself. She is a truly special mother who can be trusted to look after her pups, AND any others with the utmost tenderness and care. Ashia is a lady who doesn’t walk, but dances. On her hind legs and toes like a ballerina, Ashia will move around the farm in the most beautiful dance. She is extremely athletic and fast, and is able to keep up with the very fastest male dogs.

As a producer Ashia has given us some of the most beautiful movers amongst her progeny, and many of her pups have achieved success in show rings around SA. Her dad was the beautiful Edelheim Xantius who was a truly successful producer here in SA and her mum was the beautiful Eli, also a magnificent mover with super construction.

Ashia’s progeny with various sires have truly proved her value as a producer and as a giver of “great movement”.

Her beautiful daughter with CH Devil Earl Antonius, Craffenheim Mieke; is with us at Craffenheim and is a V rated girl.

*Ashia is only bred once a year as per ethics and ADRK standard*