Craffenheim Yanka

Craffenheim Yanka

About : Craffenheim Yanka

Yanka is an extremely special girl, born from bloodlines that promise much in terms of conformation, temperament, working ability and health.

Like both her dad Yaris and mom Unique, she is of exceptionally stable temperament with a personality that shines. Yanka is motivated by play and is probably the most curious girl on the farm. She loves people, animals, action and attention. One of those girls who NEEDS to know what is happening and where it is happening.

Yanka also enjoys swimming, tracking (treasure hunts) and long walks exploring the farm and mountain. Because she is so curious, her walks are usually hours longer than the other dogs. We love her for this.

Like both her parents, she is ball driven and her main objective in life is to find balls, steal balls, hide balls and play with balls. This however, makes her an easy girl to train and engage.

Because her mum and dad have given so many of their finest traits to Yanka, we are certain she will pass the self-same traits to her progeny.

Yanka is named after her beautiful aunty, Yanka vom Schwaiger Rathaus (Yaris’s sister) who was owned and loved by Claudio Zubrisky in Argentina.

We are very excited to present our beautiful Yanka to the world and into our breeding program.