Craffenheim Sofie

Craffenheim Sofie

About : Craffenheim Sofie

Our striking little princess, Craffenheim Sofie (Tofie), was born early on Christmas morning in 2016. From her first puppy wail to her present day excited bark as an “almost adult”, she is ALL personality. She has the supreme confidence and stable temperament of her special dad, Yaris and mom Uta made sure that Sofie received a stubborn streak that pops up from time to time.

Sofie, named after her extremely special grandmother, carries in her, decades of exceptional German breeding and a legacy that she will pass to her children. She is truly a diamond in pedigree and in real life.

Sofie is curious, athletic, bubbly and always busy with something. Her days are spent spying on other dogs, horses, cows, camels and birds. She loves being in open spaces and stretching her legs as she flies over the fields. Like her dad, she is an expert stalker (and like her mom, she LOVES her food – sometimes a little too much)

We are extremely excited about Sofie will reproduce in her puppies. Her unique characteristics are pure ‘old school’ and will delight any lover of the total Rottweiler. As she matures (her lines are late to mature, as with many fine German lines), she is going to be a true testament of the highest quality ADRK breeding and bloodlines that have defined the breed for decades.