Craffenheim R- Grace Kelly

Craffenheim R- Grace Kelly

About : Craffenheim R- Grace Kelly

Beautiful Grace Kelly (our Gracie) is the incredible sister of hooligan Betty Boop. Very much like her mum, Evi vom Schwaiger Rathaus, our Gracie is an athletic female with conformation built for work (and excess energy offload – she is an extremely busy girl with many things to do, and many places to see)

Activities, games, sheep stalking and running wild over the land are the things our Gracie loves most.

She is also an incredibly intelligent girl, with skills of perception rarely seen (except on her vom Schwaiger Rathaus bloodlines of course). Gracie ‘feels’ things and is sensitive to the needs of her people. She is also hyper-alert, confident, stable and loves the water (like her special R.I.P. Dad Onyx)

Gracie is also fascinated with cats, birds, insects, cows, horses and anything else that moves. Her expression is pure “Rottweiler” and her character is over and above breed standard (yes, I am biased)

We are thrilled to have both Betty and Gracie out of our most precious Onyx vom Weissen Schwan, and we know the legacy lives on (and on and on and on…

Gracie will certainly pass on many of the traits defined by her pedigree to her progeny, and we are truly blessed to continue the line.