Craffenheim Mieke

Craffenheim Mieke

About : Craffenheim Mieke

Mieke (Mieke Moo) is most famously known as the puppy who had her tongue bit by Felke vom Rangau. Mieke went on to win many Best Puppy awards with only ¾ of her tongue, with judges commenting that the standard says nothing about having a “complete tongue”. This is how little Mieke became known.

Mieke is a beautiful daughter of CH Devil Earl Antonius and the ballet dancer, Edelheim Ashia. Mieke lived up to the super conformation, movement and grace that her parents have from her birth. As a puppy she glided and was a joy to watch. Like her dad in temperament, she is a hard and serious girl, with a clown side that pops out every now and again.

Mieke is very confident and sure of herself and her place in the world, something she definitely gave to her first litter of pups. (Sired by Ismar vd Crossener Ranch).

Mieke Moo carries an incredible pedigree of conformation winners, and she is certain to continue this legacy in her own breeding lifetime. Mieke Moo is a super girl, who we are very proud of having bred.

*Mieke will only be bred once a year as per ethics and ADRK standard*