Craffenheim Merlin

Craffenheim Merlin

About : Craffenheim Merlin

The pocket rocket Merlin is filled with the ‘clown’ gene. *Not a real gene, but we believe he has inherited some of his tricks and talents from his father Chris*

Merlin is one of those special dogs that one breeds once in a lifetime; the typical German male; slow in growth and mental maturity but with the heart of a warrior. He is an absolute treat to spend time with as he enjoys every toy, every game, every ball, every ‘friend’, every visitor and every new experience he has.

Merlin is the 1st dog to start playing in the mornings, and the last to stop playing at night. His entire day is filled with activity – BUT, when it comes to bathing, brushing and practice with Clem Jones for showing – he rebels. When we need him to do something that he doesn’t want to do, he just sits down, or rolls on his back. (We believe this comes from his dad – who is known for his individuality and stubborn streak at times)

His mother Ullah – the extremely special “STUFF” as we call her, carries a legacy of Craffenheim’s oldest lines and breeding.

She is all heart, all soul, all spirit and probably the most curious female we have ever bred. Her uniqueness is in her 6th sense. She has an almost spiritual connection to nature, the farm and her children. A once in a lifetime girl.

Mr Merlin is a wonderful up and coming young male, already receiving V ratings and positive judging from international judges as he grows. We are extremely excited to walk his path with him as he matures into the stunning adult male we know he will be.