Craffenheim Khaleezi

Craffenheim Khaleezi

About : Craffenheim Khaleezi

Busy. Boisterous. Bouncy. Beautiful.

That is the perfect introduction to our very special hooligan, Khaleezi. Born in a storm and she continues to rain down like thunder. An absolute gem of a female, with a temperament breeder’s dream of.

She carries all of four of her grandparents’ traits in varying degrees, with possibly a slight pull towards dad Ismar’s legendary side of the ADRK pedigree.

She has been a fireball from the moment she took her first breath of air, and was always the feistiest pup in her litter. As she has grown up, none of the fire has been lost which makes her an exceptional example of breed temperament. Dad Ismar is a busy man and our Khaleezi walks in his steps. Mama Yoda’s stable and loving temperament is also evident in our fireball, and for all her activity, Khaleezi loves nothing more than cuddling with her humans.

Her super movement (we believe) comes from grandpa Devil, along with her love of ‘Cuz toys’.