Craffenheim Jette

Craffenheim Jette

About : Craffenheim Jette

Our beautiful Jette is wilder than the Kruger Park and of strong temperament, yet with a lovable and cheeky side that wins the hearts of all that meet her. She has her dad’s clownish temperament with his high drive, coupled with her mom’s grace, elegance and super movement. Jette (Jet) is V rated in a specialist show, under ADRK specialist judge, Helmut Weiler.

Her movement is exceptional, and that is courtesy of her CH father, Devil Earl Antonius – who is to this day one of the finest (and correct movers) I have bred with. His daughter has superb reach, drive and a topline that allows her to float. We are certain she will reproduce this exceptional movement in her own offspring.

Jette is a truly special girl, with a personality that would win over even the hardest heart. She is of course a little bit of a ‘diva’, who enjoys the spotlight and attention (That she gets from her mother Lucy, who also loves a good melodrama and lots of fussing – mom Lucy is also a nosy girl and always has to be where all the action is. She can often be found in the farm kitchen, searching for food – or stealing food by helping herself to whatever happens to be on the counter)

Her toy addiction (especially CUZ balls) comes directly from her father. The way she buries her Cuz toys in the furthest corners of the property, or under piece of wood, or pushes them through gates and then WAILS until someone retrieves it….pure DEVIL her dad.

We are blessed to have the special Jette on our farm and in our lives, a testament to her mom and especially her dad (who is getting on in years)