Craffenheim Ice

Craffenheim Ice

About : Craffenheim Ice

Our extremely special Ice is one of the finest working males bred at Craffenheim, ever. He is a big boned and large male yet extremely athletic, who exhibits every positive trait we look for in a male who will be competing in the sport of IGP.

Ice was raised and trained from 8 weeks old by the dedicated and experienced Duane Vosloo, who will continue to handle Ice as he enters working trials.

While Ice is primarily a working male, who has been trained and primed from a young age to compete in working trials, he is also exceptional in terms of conformation, movement, bone and substance. His temperament is stable, and his heart is huge. Much of his magic comes from the size of his heart in both work and play. Ice also excels in obedience.

Ice’s pedigree is one that gifts the finest traits in both work and show, and in every photo he looks like a different ancestor – we see the magic of all the dogs in Ice’s pedigree when we look at him.

Due to his exceptional drive and desire to work/train from such a young age, Ice was “that” Rottweiler – the fearless, high-energy, driven puppy who still carries this energy today – a controlled energy.

Ice is a sire that will only be used for exceptional litters with carefully selected females for Craffenheim.

When he is not training and working, Ice is an absolute gentleman around the home – calm and even tempered, he is happy to lie and sleep in front of the television, lounge around the kitchen or simply grab a few cuddles from his family. (Until he sees a ball, or hears the word “Hier”)

We are extremely proud of this magnificent male and what he has already achieved – the future for this “machine” is bright and beckoning.

We will be cheering Duane and Ice on throughout their journey.