Craffenheim Dixy

Craffenheim Dixy

About : Craffenheim Dixy

Dixy is a stunning girl out of our beautiful Uta von der Eper Dinkel and Fritz vom Pfeifholz, in fact Fritz’s FIRST litter he sired on arrival in South Africa.

Dixy has her mum’s Uta’s build with the substance of her dad Fritz. Food is life in Dixy’s world and yes, feeding time is the absolute best time of the day for her. She can often be found begging for a 2nd helping and thieving any ‘extras’ from tables, counters, chairs etc. Both of her parents are food driven so Dixy’s love of all things tasty (even vegetables) is not really that surprising.

She is exceptional with children, other animals and all humans who cross her path. A very stable and protective girl who is at her happiest with her “people”.

Her ‘children’ inherit much of her super temperament, along with Grandpa Fritz’s love of toys and chaos. (Grandpa is still the undefeated champion of food bowl soccer on the Craffenheim farm)

She is a stunning girl, excellent mother and truly carries many of her finest traits to her progeny.