Craffenheim Dior

Craffenheim Dior

About : Craffenheim Dior

“Madame” Dior (and we are sure you will agree when you look at her gallery) is about as close to being a clone of her parents as to what one gets. She is mom Donna in size, bone, substance and GREEDINESS; while her temperament, colour, movement, topline and sparkling personality are from dad Onyx.

It is not often we get a female with such dark markings, directly inherited from her dad, her beautiful grandfather Rambo vom Tweelbaker See and her great grand dad, Nick von der Bleichstrasse. Her beautiful colour, is the perfect foil for dogs with lighter colouring and like her father, we are certain she will carry this over to her offspring.

Dior is a strong willed girl (thanks Donna and Onyx), with an appetite that puts most of the males on the farm to shame. Food is life for Dior, and given half a chance, she will happily scoff every dog’s food. She is also an incredibly lovable girl, who enjoys many many many hugs, kisses and tummy rubs (especially after eating)

Her mother Donna, was one of our finest dams and now that Donna has retired from breeding, it is an absolute joy to continue her legacy through her daughter, Dior. (Donna does not like her daughter much, probably because she is so similar J)