Craffenheim Diesel

Craffenheim Diesel

About : Craffenheim Diesel

Diesel is quite simply known as “The machine”. For a young male he is over the top powerful with a strength of body and mind that is sometimes overwhelming; but HIGHLY desirable in our breed. He is very much like his dad in temperament in strength, but his type is more mum Uta and her wonderful ancestors.

A young male who we have incredibly high hopes for, Diesel is a full sibling to our beautiful Kiki.

Diesel can usually be found doing very important “things” (for him at least). His important things usually entail running off to the boundary fences on our 202 hectare farm to visit with the neighbors cattle. Diesel is serious about his “missions” and amazingly he loses his hearing ONLY when called back while ON a mission.

A total joy, we are delighted to have an Onyx son who will hopefully one day follow in his father’s massive footsteps.