Craffenheim D-Rick

Craffenheim D-Rick

About : Craffenheim D-Rick

Rick (oviously named after Rick von Burgthann, one of the most influential sires of our breed) is what we call, “a German dream”. Inheriting the exceptional character, expression and clownery from his dad Fritz – he gets his drive, and super working attributes from mom Evi. It is a joy see a male with the very best of BOTH his parents and their special pedigrees.

Rick reminds us often of grandpa Vranjo, especially in terms of movement and presence, while other grandpa, Devil VD Mehrer Muhle shines through when working on the farm. It is this combination that makes Rick so special for our breeding program.

Not only is he a clown – but he is an incredibly smart clown, and one that is able to read minds (especially when it comes to getting his own way – we just can’t say no) yet, when working and stimulated he is an incredibly serious and hard male)

Rick’s pedigree will dictate a slower growth to maturity, as is often the case with ADRK lines – just how we prefer it. The slower growth allows for safe skeletal balance, structure, conformation and health.

Yes, he does love his food and as per all of our stud males (pets actually), Rick receives only the best in nutrition, exercise, comfort, care and cuddles.

A young stud, who we are certain is going to produce progeny that are testament to all Craffenheim Rottweilers stands for and represents in the breed.