Craffenheim Betty-Boob

Craffenheim Betty-Boob

About : Craffenheim Betty-Boob

Betty-Boob is an incredibly special girl, who was born only 3 weeks after her father Onyx vom Weissen Schwan passed away tragically. Betty-Boob and her sister, Grace Kelly are from the last incredible litter of hooligans ever sired by our precious and beloved Onyx.

The combination of Evi and Onyx was an exceptional one, and our precious boy certainly left us with 2 daughters that remind us of him each and every day. Mum Evi, being the diamond that she is taught her girls all of the tricks of the hooligan trade. (Almost as if she knew their dad Onyx, and his hooligan ways needed to be carried over to the precious girls).

Betty-Boob is a solid, strong and large boned female – like her dad. She also had his colouring, his head and his super topline (which was always complimented for such a large dog as he was)

Betty-Boob is like her mum Evi with food (she loves it), and is a combination of the best of Onyx and Evi in temperament. A girl who can be a hooligan, but who is gentle and loves humans. She is also a stable girl in temperament – she is not one of the troublemakers and is often a girl who brings a sense of calm to the hooligan chaos on the farm. She is sensitive to human emotion, and is able to connect with people easily and very quickly. We are truly hoping these temperament traits are carried over to her progeny.

BettyB (as we call her) is a girl we are extremely proud of breeding, and her pedigree is of extreme emotional importance to us.


We are thrilled with all of her health scores, and just like her mum and dad – we KNOW she will make herself a legend in her own lifetime.