Craffenheim Auris

Craffenheim Auris

About : Craffenheim Auris

Auris is a stunning young female, with heaps of character and expression. She carries herself with true Rottweiler arrogance, even while rolling in mud or chasing a bird. Her ideal day consists of games and activities 24/7 with balls and squeaky rubber dolls being her absolute BEST. 

Her very best friend in the whole world, happens to be another female Rottweiler: Suri. Auris and Suri are the terrible twins x100.

She enjoys human contact (lots of it) and is extremely sensitive to human emotion; a special sensitivity which we are hoping her progeny will also exhibit. 

Auris is one of the young girls we are very excited to have in our breeding program, as she carries with her some of the finest ADRK breeding in the last decade.