Chris Vom Schwaiger Rathaus

Chris Vom Schwaiger Rathaus

About : Chris Vom Schwaiger Rathaus

Chris follows hot on half brother Yaris’s heels with his exceptional pedigree and legacy from one of the most respected and oldest kennels in Germany. Xaver Meixner is a breeder known as the father of the modern Rottweiler. He is also a breeder who has remained 100% true to the breed standard and the working temperament of the breed. Out of respect for this great man, we left Chris in Germany after purchasing him so that he could complete his working titles under ADRK testing (the most stringent in the world). Through the kindness and support of Elke Erben, Thomas Bachmann (trainer extraordinaire), Claudia and Rico who sent photos and attended Chris’s working trials – the dream was realized. Our boy went from BH to IPO 3 in less than one year. This is a remarkable achievement, only beaten by Chris’s 100 out of 100 for the tracking part A of his IPO 3 trial.

The privilege of owning Chris is huge, and as with Yaris the responsibility to pedigree and legacy is also huge. Chris is a special boy from a very special litter. His sister Celine is the ADRK Klub Siegerin 2016 as well as Best of Breed (Best Rottweiler (male or female) in the world in the ultimate specialist Rottweiler show ADRK). Celine also has an IPO 2 working title. Sister Cuni is the Hungarian Klub Siegerin, and brothers Clint, Cen, Doug, Dusty are all working titled and V rated as well. Xaver Meixner himself has beautiful sister Cobra, who is also a VDH and ADRK CH (Germany) and has an IPO 1. Balou and Sofie created a magic that will last a lifetime, and we are committed to preserving this legacy.

Chris is a serious dog with a clear head and exceptional “on and off” switch over. He is athletic, fast, exceptionally powerful and courageous. He is strong on defense in the manner of the old school Rottweilers, yet he is able to immediately settle shortly after.
Chris loves ball games and he is never far from his Boomer Ball (he always wins, that is the first rule of Chris ‘fight club’). Food is also very important to this special boy and he certainly enjoys the raw meat dished out. Chris’s super daughter with Romina vom Rangau (Hanni) is with dear friend Elke Erben and is a future female for the world famous vom Rangau kennel in Germany.

We are extremely excited about what Chris will bring to our breeding program and to the Rottweiler in Southern Africa. He is an exceptional male and total Rottweiler.