CH Yaris Vom Schwaiger Rathaus

CH Yaris Vom Schwaiger Rathaus

About : CH Yaris Vom Schwaiger Rathaus

BH, ZTP, AD, IPO 3, gekört biz EzA

Deutscher Champion VDH

Deutscher Champion ADRK

Oberpfalzsiegersieger 2013

Deichstadtsieger 2014

Frankensieger 2014

VDH-Bundessieger 2014

Bayernsieger 2015

Yaris is the jewel in the Craffenheim Kennel, our favorite male in the world for the last few years that correctly represents the total Rottweiler as per ADRK standard. Conformation, temperament, versatility, health and longevity are hallmarks from his pedigree which boasts arguably the finest line in Germany in the age of the modern Rottweiler. Yaris exceled in the show ring, and won the prestigious VDH Bundessieger title in 2014. (The German Kennel Union, VDH, Federal States Rottweiler Male Champion) along with many other titles. His greatest achievement and one we are proudest of, successfully passing and being accredited with eza biz gkrt status (Lifelong Koerung). This is the hardest testing any Rottweiler has to endure, and is in place to select the best of the best breeding stock, recommended as sires to improve the breed in accordance with ADRK standards. The dogs are tested in conformation and have to pass an IPO 3 as well as breed no FAULTS in progeny that are studied by the ADRK Kormeisters for a period of 2 years. Yaris’s quality as a sire and eza Koerung status are confirmed in his progeny. Many of his offspring are exceling in show and work in Germany and Holland. Yaris has also sired litters for some of the most prestigious kennels in Germany: Vom Schwaiger Rathaus, Vom Schwaiger Wappen, Vom Shambala, Vom Kriegsdamm, Von den Golan Hohen, vd Reuthwiese, vom Hause Neubrand – all representing the finest kennels in the world (not just Germany and the ADRK)

Yaris has also been involved in two Kor-und Leistungzucht breedings in the last year: the highest class of breeding the ADRK recognizes:

A breeding between a male and female with Koerung status. Yaris is an incredibly special boy, with a presence that is pure electricity. He is clear headed, serious and always ready to work (yet give him a mud pool and he becomes a puppy again). The privilege of having Yaris as a sire in our kennel is huge, and we will be eternally grateful to Xaver Meixner for breeding this incredible male, and to Rico Oberthur who trusted us with his special son. 

Yaris’s progeny are V1 rated in Germany and Holland as well as SA, some with IPO 3 working titles such as his daughter Resi vd Reuthwiese. His son Zabou at a very young age is already exceling in work and show in Germany (ADRK KS V5), as is his daughter Queen vom Shambala, who is owned by ADKR Chairman Rene Kulzer and daughter Jaqueline. ADRK Zwinger vom Rangau (Elke Erben) has a Yaris and Romina vom Rangau daughter upcoming as a young female in her kennel: Grit vom Rangau.