CH Devil Earl Antonius

CH Devil Earl Antonius

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SA National Sieger 2013 and 2015 (as per ADRK JUDGES Uwe Peterman and Siegmund Trebschuh) GV winner. Multi BOB, BIS, CACIB

BA 23-09-2013 Uwe Peterman ADRK

Devil (Devi) is a jewel in our crown, as not only is he exceptional in terms of conformation and presence, he is a high drive and focused boy (which is often not the case in dogs with a show title background). Devil breaks all the rules when it comes to “show” – which is why we are so incredibly proud of him. He is also a truly good producer with various females. Devil is line bred on the sensational ADRK male from some time back, Kliff von der Konigkanzel, who was one of the most beautiful ‘movers’ in the world at the time. Devil’s movement (which indicates almost perfect conformation and function) is perhaps his finest quality if we had to choose one. Many will see only his head or expression, when it is his movement and the almost ‘ballet’ like execution of steps that makes him extraordinary.

Devil’s sister Diva is a Champion and also completed a successful BH, ZTP AND IPO 1 in Germany (which is a huge achievement for a foreign dog). All of Devil’s brother and sisters have exceled in their various countries and we are happy to be able to share in the magic from South Africa.

Devil’s progeny are living up to their dad’s reputation in and out of show rings around South Africa. It is a pleasing moment for a dad (Devil) when his daughter and son (full litter mates) are up against each other for Best Junior in a Sieger style show. His progeny are correct, not extreme and Devil certainly breeds larger than himself.

Devi also has his moments when the white of his eyes are clearly visible and rolled around disapprovingly at all who stand before him, but at heart he is a gentle and loving soul who thoroughly enjoys attention and dare we say it, ‘adoring fans’. Devil is also fond of sinking his Cuz balls in the nearest pond. At a guess we would say there are about 200 of Devil’s balls lying at the bottom of the various ponds and dams on the farm.

Sue and Richard Carter and David deserve much credit for Devil’s successes in SA and they have been an exceptional part of ‘Team” Devil.