Rottweiler Breed-Craffenheim Rottweilers All About Our Puppies

Each and every little black and tan bear that is born in our kennel is a precious gift. This is always our starting point. No pups are ever born alone, and I am always there personally to ensure that whelping is as stress free and comfortable for mama dog, and her newborns.

Puppies are sometimes available to approved to homes, and all of our puppies are KUSA registered (as are the dam and sire; with all necessary health tests completed and on record) Whilst the KUSA breeding standard might allow breeding for example of a C2, C2 dog with a B2 B2 Hip graded dog we do NOT breed in this manner, regardless of whether it is KUSA approved. We do not breed with C hip graded dogs, nor with Elbow graded 3 dogs – ever. This is a personal choice similar to our decision to only use HD and ED FREE (A1 A1 and 0 0) males in our kennel. ALL of our sires are graded the highest in terms of Hip and Elbow scores; which is the ideal for both ‘free’ females, as well as those that have a minimal grade of HD or ED. (Once again: we do not use females with C hips or Grade 3 elbows – ever).

Every breed combination carries the best intentions and careful planning, but as with genetics and nature – even the best laid health plans can come to naught. It is for this reason we do not court possible disaster and prefer to breed carefully by giving the puppies the best possible genetic/health start.

Our pups are born into a peaceful, quiet and temperature controlled environment far away from all outside stressors. Mom’s to be have a special whelping room, with custom made whelping boxes, comfortable bedding, water, food and 24/7 supervision to assist them the first few days (but ONLY when needed, I do not believe in unnecessarily moving pups around – and do so only to assist mom with cleaning them, extra bottle feeds, toileting, temperature checks and weight checks etc). Once mom starts needing more breaks and ‘fun time’ away from her kids, we are there as babysitters and happily return pups to mom. We do NOT believe in separating a mother from her puppies and they will stay with her until they leave the farm. (8-10 weeks).

We have infrared lighting over all of our whelping boxes, and heating bags are used when needed. In summer, we cool the environment down a fraction to a safe temperature for pups (but to provide mom with a little relief as well)
Being a qualified surgical nurse, I am able to provide any necessary treatment that mom or pups may need whilst waiting for our vet (if needed). I also have very competent assistance from experienced staff, (and family) who have also spent many years working with me in the whelping box.

Each pup born deserves the VERY BEST from us, and we try our utmost to give it to them from their first breath. EVERY special little pup deserves to live, and we do NOT give up on a pup if he/she is a little weak, struggling to feed etc – yet sometimes the heartbreak of breeding comes to hit you in the chest and you might lose one, despite your best efforts. But EVER little soul gets only our best efforts, always.

We ensure that our pups are safe at all times, and we implement many safety measures to ensure optimal development – for example a raised grip on whelping box floor to ensure pups do not slip or over exert hip joints while drinking or fact that we give our pups only spring water when the start drinking, so as to avoid any additional chemicals etc. (These may sound like small things, but we believe it is essential to so things right from the start, thereby giving these little ones a solid foundation)
We know that everyone wants a special pup, a beautiful pup, a top pup; but for us, EACH ONE is all of those things from the second they are born. No pup is more beautiful, more special, better or more perfect that any other. To us, they are ALL ‘the best’.

The mamas’ comfort is also essential to the raising of a healthy and happy litter of pups and we are obsessed with pre natal care (and care in general for the year in between the females litters). Our girls all receive natural foods, and organic fresh supplements throughout their lives as well as regular exercise, training and “fun” time. They are also all first and foremost pets, who are part of our family.

We take extra special care of our mums’ emotional needs as happy mums are good mums. This includes regular breaks from pups once pups are a little older; breaks in which mum gets to swim, go on a hike, take a tractor ride on the farm or whatever that specific mum’s favorite activity is.

We do not wean the pups at a specific stage, but rather when the mother is ready and signals this. Our pups are given their solid meals, and start on small portions of raw food, but still take in milk for as long as mom is happy with this – and generally the pups have their last of mom’s milk just before they leave us at 8 weeks or older. Most of our owners prefer to take their pups at 8 weeks of age, but we do have people who prefer the pups to stay with their mums until 10 weeks old and we are more than happy to do this for our owners.


Our pups are dewormed, inoculated and examined by veterinary surgeons before the leave us. (We follow a strict vaccination protocol in accordance with the best practices used worldwide – and taking into account the “unprotected period”. Deworming is also strictly controlled while with us.  While many breeders do not take their pups to a veterinary surgeon for a final injection and examination, I prefer it this way as your veterinary booklet you will receive has been stamped by a vet, who also confirms the puppy’s physical condition and vaccination/deworming to date. The veterinary examination also includes listening to heart beat, weight check, eyes, ears, temperature etc. If you are purchasing a puppy from a breeder who does not take their puppies to a vet for a physical check, please ask them to do this for you BEFORE you take receipt of the puppy.

ur pups are micro-chipped before they leave, and we only use top of the range microchips – in terms of safety (the materials it is made of as this will be inserted under the dog’s skin), as well as accuracy in reading.

Our puppies are encouraged to be “pups” and there are daily activities we undertake with them at various stages to sensitize them to various environmental stressors (sound, smell, taste) We also have exercises aimed at developing their inherent drives and identifying various temperament traits in individuals. They do ‘baby tracking’, baby puppy agility – little obstacle courses which are 100% safe for growing joints and pups, swimming when weather allows, tractor trips, meet and greets with cattle/horses/older dogs and other environmental stressors.

Due to the isolation of our farm and the ‘safe zone’ our puppies live in; they grow up with an incredible amount of freedom (and confidence in exploring) safely protected from many of the usual dangers facing puppies.

We also have various activity parks around the kennels, where the pups are encouraged to ‘free play’ (usually no encouragement needed) under the watchful eyes of their human babysitters, their mum and sometimes their dad as well. It is important that each pup is allowed to develop as an individual, and this is why we provide a variety of different activities and pups can select what they want to do. This also helps us to record and identify each puppy’s unique character.

Each pup is raised with an enormous amount of love, care, emotional investment and dedication, and our only wish is that they continue to receive the same in their new homes. Each and every pup remains important to us, and we love to be part of their lives going forward via a few photos, messages and a FB post every now and again. We do not breed “washing machines”, but living, breathing, special beings that deserve only the very best life has to offer. We are proud of ever puppy that has left the farm, the pets; the show winners, the working dogs and the special needs ones = EACH one is the best we have bred.

We ask ALL prospective Rottweiler owners to make 100% sure, that they are committed to the emotional and financial investment involved with raising a Rottweiler to maturity and senior age.

Food, medical care, training, TIME, attention, play, accessories and more for sometimes 12 years or longer is not a commitment one can make simply after seeing a few adorable puppy photos. It truly is a lifetime commitment, and while we know circumstances can sometimes change in a heartbeat – we do like our owners to enter into a purchase decision with ‘eyes wide open’. This is fair to both you, and the puppies. It is essential that any decision you make, be it a puppy from us, OR from any other breeder be made only after considerable thought. We prefer people who are not “sure” to take a step back and do some more research, or call us so that we can answer any questions about the breed itself.

Please watch this full video for an idea of the average Craffenheim Rottweiler puppy (Live puppy action starts at about 1 minute in)
“The love of a Rottweiler is one of the greatest gifts ever given to man”